Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wooden Mallet & Toodle-oo: Last (ever) #EoE

…farewell then, behind on other NMpoetry posts mailbox & reader folders but not missing this last EoE post opp…apologies to the ever deferred (sounds better than overlooked or left behind)

DSCF0098 (1)It is coming to pass, another historic and largely underground grassrootz venue in Albuquerque brings a good run of efforts to completion and hands the space back to the stuff of legend. Mitch Rayes has deemed it time to say “Toodle-oo” to the Projects—and yes, “toodle-oo” is his word and his spelling. In June, he’ll be moving into quieter abode, hopefully finding a way to dedicate more of his time to his own writing.

SO at 7:00PM  on Monday May 27th at 3614 High Street NE (east of edith, just north of Candelaria, through the open garage doors), we will celebrate the  final East of Edith reading at the Projects. This one will be a special celebration party to thank Mitch, as well as all our readers and features and hosts and collaborators. It’ll be a potluck, so we will  eat and talk and share poems and generally enjoy one last good gig at the space....and then close with a bit more music…

2006-02-06 14.05.08
Mitch’s own legacy in the ABQ arts community is huge. His work goes way back, including efforts in the early nineties with an organization called Flaming Tongues. He produced four extremely successful Albuquerque Poetry Festivals  with Juliet Torrez and others, and for years published a monthly newsletter of lit events called the Tongue [and much more]

LPG will  continues in ever-shape-shifting form (more on that later), but this Monday is when we get to say goodbye and thank you... As Mitch says, “On more than a hundred nights, I opened the doors, and every time, words and music filled the place to spilling over.  Thanks to all of you who made this happen.  We’ll gather downstream at the next pool.” Swim.  –lg

Read all (not just parts) at The Wooden Mallet and the Toodle-oo: Last (ever) EoE

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