Sunday, May 26, 2013

Birthday-palooza + OK relief @ TractorBrewing

…Hakim Bellamy « Local iQ…late but better than never…PS I bet they will still take donations even if you miss the music & more


It's Birthday-palooza at Tractor Brewing Company @ 4pm today for the "Geminis RULE!" edition of "Ill Drink To That. 
Birthday poets Esme Vaandrager & I, along with resident wordslinger and host Carlos Contreras of Urban Verbs will bring the word, along with ABQ13 City Slam Team Member David Maile. 
Also from the UV, Diles will be in the house celebrating "Go Shorti" style (LIKE it's ya burfday). Addition music by Kayohes, Sara One Love & Sapience Christ & Omen20012. Comedy by Cyrus Moses. 
It's all FREE, we get paid in smiles and beer. SO COME PAY US...and while you are doing Memorial Day the RIGHT way...bring items/money to donate to the folks hit by Climate Change...ahem..."natural disasters" in Oklahoma. They desperately need a smile. Come put one in our box, so we can send it to them. #LOVE (
Find out what kind of donations are needed in OK here:

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