Monday, September 26, 2011

Superdooper Superhero Poetry Contest

Superdooper Superhero Poetry Contest... Write now!
Local Poets Guild is sponsoring a poetry competition in conjunction with 516 ARTS and their exhibition: Superheroes: Icons of Good, Evil & Everything in Between which opens Saturday, October 1, 6-8pm. 

Hosts Hakim Bellamy, Gary Jackson, and Lisa Gill correlated five superheroes with different categories of poetry and invite ALBUQUERQUE-AREA POETS to submit poems on the themes (listed below) to or by October 1st at 5 pm. The prizes will be fantabulous, perhaps comix-al and include participation in a costumes-encouraged 516 WORDS: Superheroes Poetry, which will take place on Halloween weekend.



PRIZE #1: Shade the Changing Man Award will be offered to: The best GLBTQ poem


PRIZE #2: The Flash Award will be offered to: The best super-short superhero poem


Prize #3: The Dynamic Duo Award will be offered to: The best collaborative duet on any subject

Prize #4: The Captain America Award will be offered to: The best historical tribute poem


Prize #5 The Dr. Doom Award will be offered to: The most villainous poem

Get writing! Enjoy! This show will be a blast and we hope you’ll chime in… Remember Deadline Oct 1, show October 28. Ability to be present at the show is required for receiving an award –LG 

[All images are taken from Wikipedia and are believed to qualify as fair use under United States Copyright Law by engaging in critical commentary on the works of art in question and the artists]

Hakim sent this so visit him @ WWW.HAKIMBE.COM

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