Thursday, September 29, 2011

ImmaStar relaunch, Permanent Ink series & more

Immastar creator / publisher / editor / writer, Carlos Contreras introduces the relaunch, explaining, [the web site] has gone through a re-design, and is now a blog site. I am hoping that those of you out there interested in what's gong on in OUR community, will visit the site, and or subscribe. Those that subscribe will recieve an instant (or semi-instant) email gift from lil ol me! I'll be well, take care and write on!
I've been waiting for this since the first article I read about and blogged Urban Verbs. So I subscribed for email updates even though I already have the blog on my rss reader... by they way, does that mean two email gifts? Over on the relaunched blog (a lot of poetry there you'll want to read), C tells us more about Immastar and himself before introducing Permanent Ink, his latest project. So many projects already: the scholarship project is on my list for regular nudges. At this rate, I'm going to need a checklist just to keep up.

Permanent Ink Poetry Series – coming soon! 
That’s right, there will be a new poetry show in town. I know, I know, some of you are probably thinking, “more poetry, in Albuquerque!” Well, the answer is, yes, more poetry! The Permanent Ink Poetry Series is coming to a local tattoo shop in town. Myself, Carlos Contreras, in cooperation with Jespah Torres, owner and curator of Archetype Dermagraphics Tattoo Studio and Gallery (Lomas and Adams), will be organizing a series of readers, hopefully before the end of the year. 

This project has been a brain child of Jespah’s and mine, for quite some time now. It is time to bring it to light. So stay tuned, and stand by my friends, before the year of 2012, we will have at least one instance of PIP. It will take place on a night to be determined, and will co-host some of the “usual suspects.” Expect, Hakim Bellamy to be in tha’ house! Colin Diles Hazelbaker will join us from time to time; and of course, when he is willing, shop owner Jespah Torres will grace us with some words, and verse! 
PIP will be a venue where the audience will get an intimate window into the lives of artists who are writing and working in Albuquerque, and around the nation. This venue is small, and inviting. It has art and life on and in the walls. The staff is kind, funny, engaged, and interested in building something to be sustained in Albuquerque. Dermagraphics just celebrated their 1-yr anniversary as a shop in Albuquerque, and is now looking to step it up a notch and offer something new to our community. 
If you have an interest in being a PIP featured performer, please contact me. The info to do so can be found in the BIO/CV section of this site. PIP will be a “pay a small fee at the door” event, in order to encourage our artists to continue doing what they do - eating Ramen, and wowing crowds ;) (myself included, love me some Ramen, LOL). Merchandise will be for sale at every PIP event, and those that attend are encouraged to support by buying a piece of poetry history. Thanks for your attention and stay tuned!

photo by Barry McCormick, El Palacio Magazine

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