Thursday, June 2, 2011

Catching up on #NMPoetry

~ with the help of the Local Poets Guild newsletter. If you don't already subscribe, get thee hence to the Local Poets Guild Google Group and rectify the oversight. Don't expect me to repost it for your convenience indefinitely when a click will get it in your mailbox

After a week more off line than not. I'm still behind but at least have been tending @PWPicnic and Facebook Picnickery, both faster than blogging. I'm still sorting which to use how. Some redundancy is useful but too much becomes being annoyingly excessive, not to mention time consuming unless automated by clever software. Both platforms are better suited to event announcements and reminders, especially with recent FB changes to share options.

FB posts auto-tweet on @PWPicnic. Vice versa too although not always consistently. I try to remember to add #nmpoetry hashtag to NM poetry posts, tweets, RTs and links for easy searching and enhanced NM poetry web presence. Plus I'm looking for Virtual Picnic space to stake out, not wheels to reinvent.

So what do I do right after saying I'm moving event announcement to social media? Post a newsletter chock-a-block with events. Inconsistent? Maybe, but let's just call it catching up for now with more to come on the subject. Comments and suggestions invited...

 ... and now I turn the floor or rather page (or screen) over to Lisa Gill

Dear Poets and Friends, 
Our big featured reading this month is Triptych on June 9th with the extraordinary Jasmine Cuffee who will be performing along side Sari Krosinsky, who has just had a book picked up for publication, and Sarah McKinstry-Brown, who is back to visit from Nebraska. A stellar line-up. We also have a workshop for "writing for nonviolence" with Stewart Warren, our usual Monday night East of Edith open mics, and another P(EAR) craft talk with a poet who has just moved to town, John Survivor Blake. (I'll be speaking then also.) And if you are interested in a workshop with Sarah McKinstry-Brown, reserve a spot by writing . It'll be this Sunday afternoon at 2:00 pm, if there's enough interest to make it happen. I also will need to send directions before the class, so be in touch. For now I'm trying to make all of our events run on a donation, sliding scale, pass the hat kind of basis. We appreciate your support and will try to keep things accessible.
So here goes the details of what's up this June from the Local Poets Guild.
Thanks everyone who came out to events last month: you can find recaps of Verso Quatro and P(EAR) and the open mic at our blog Feel free to send me info to post on the calendar with some lead time, and I'm also happy to cross promote for other poetry events on our blog, so write me if you need to be in touch. Thanks also to Rich Boucher for his help! In a couple weeks I'll send another note and let you know about what's in the works and some exciting things to look forward to in late summer and fall, and more opportunities!

Lisa Gill
Local Poets Guild
http://localpoetsguild.wordpress.comAlbuquerque, NM

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