Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Poetry Reading - 7 pm Wednesday, 4/13

.... at Page One - Kenneth Gurney, Stewart Warren, Tani Arness

I may already have posted something, if not here them possibly on Facebook. In case not (and better two than none), thanks to Billy Brown who reminds us, 

Friends ~ It is National Poetry Month, and of course there are more poetry events than one can possibly attend ... YEAH! But THIS one should be very special.
Kenneth Gurney and Stewart Warren are two of my very favorite Albuquerque poets, and although I've never heard Tani Arness read, in that company, I am certain she will be fabulous. 

Not only are both Kenneth and Stewart inspiring poets; they both are also very involved in providing opportunities for many, many other poets to be heard and to be published.
Kenneth just released his second issue of Adobe Walls, an anthology of New Mexico poetry. Stewart is a key member of the team that will soon publish the first Fixed and Free Poetry Anthology, containing 80 poems from 80 poets who are associated with the monthly Fixed and Free poetry reading, nearing its 3rd anniversary.

All these poets deserve our gratitude and support, so why not join me in hearing them tomorrow night at Page One?
Yours for powerful poetry, Billy Brown

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