Friday, April 8, 2011

7:30 pm, Saturday: Eco-Locution at the Outpost

... Lisa Gill writes to invite one and all

... to come out on this Saturday, April 9th, to the Outpost Performance Space 210 Yale SE at 7:30 PM.
Poet Mitch Rayes and I will be joined by two poets who are visiting from LA, Brendan Constantine and Peggy Dobreer. In the first set, we'll be doing straight readings.In the second set, we'll be joined by two musicians, CK Barlow and Joseph Sabella and all of us will be  doing "conducted improvisation" with JA "Dino" Deane directing us. That means: all hand signals for instructions as to when and what to read, all words constructed into musical landscapes with percussion, drums, sampling and live sampling.

The show is pricey $15/10 (members) admission, but well worth it as it's a true labor of love--- (we're all learning handsignals and making scores)..... and with each admission, you get a free copy of my new cd called Flesh Isn't Real Dirt. This was an amazing recording experience that I was honored to be part of: Poetry with three amazing musicians, including CK Barlow and Joseph Sabella, and the mastermind JA Dino Deane.

Hope to see you. Oh and my new book is out! So this will be a release party to boot! Lisa

The plog's Facebook cyberpersona may already have caught this but in case not, better a duplicate post than none at all, even if there are event announcements all over cyberspace already. Nice explanatory write-up in the Journal's VenueSo much for resolving to update calendar ~ that is still in line behind the Mountainair online community calendar. Who'da thunk there'd be so much on it to keep up with... pulling teeth (figuratively of course, at least for now) to get submissions is what takes up the time... 

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