Friday, July 16, 2010

Wayne's Literary events, 7/17-20

From Wayne Crawford, who will also be one of our featured readers at the umpteenth annual Poets and Writers Picnic, August 28 (for anyone having problems figuring out what date the 4th Saturday in August falls on). Events listed below are in Las Cruces unless otherwise noted

Saturday, July 17, 1:30 pm,
Fountain Theatre in Mesilla (built 1905), showing "Spoken Word" with guest appearance by co-screenplay writer and poet, former Las Crucen and NMSU alumnus, Joe Ray Sandoval.  The film stars Kuno Becker, Persia White, Miguel Sandoval, Ruben Blades, and Antonio Elias, and is directed by Academy Award nominated director Victor Nunez.  This film was also shot in NM.
Spoken Word

From the Mesilla Valley Film Society online calendar:

Once back in New Mexico, however, Cruz's hard-won stability is shaken by two contrasting paternal figures: his dying father, Cruz Sr. (Ruben Blades), and his old boss, businessman/gangster Emilio (Miguel Sandoval). The question becomes whether Cruz can connect with the first before getting destroyed by the second.
Unlike his straight-arrow brother, Raymond (Antonio Elias), who has sold his portion of the ancestral acres for bourgeois respectability, Cruz is obviously a chip off the old block; he and his father exude a palpable, almost tribal intensity, linked to each other and to the land. But though both speak the same language, Cruz Sr. remains locked in prideful self-sufficiency, unable or unwilling to open up to his son.
Frustrated, Cruz unwisely reaccepts his old job as manager/emcee of Emilio's nightclub, restoring it to its former splendor but losing his way to wine, women and bitterness. Cruz's lost poetic voice resurfaces only via snatches of spoken verse, accompanied by fragmented, dissolved imagery that lies just outside the narrative.

Tuesday, July 20, 7:30 p.m. sign-in
Regularly scheduled Third Tuesday of the Month-- Open Mic in the patio at Palacio's Bar on Avenida de Mesilla, Mesilla.

LUNAROSITY Vol. 9. No. 7.
Poetry by Patricia Welingham-Jones, C.S. Fuqua, G. Taylor Seawell, Maryann RUsso, Dorothy Spruzen, Rebecca Shepard, Marc Carver, Gautam Sen, Jason Sturner, Ron Yazinski, Jennifer Hudson, and Karen Schubert. 
Fiction by Bob Tomolillo, David Kyea, John Bruce, Janet Yung, Ed Markowski, Wayne scheer, and V. Ulea.

SIN FRONTERAS: Writers Without Borders: 
Currently reading submissions for 2011 Journal.  Submissions were accepted through June 30.

Open Mic Nights
  • First Friday of each month, 5:30-7, Rio Grande Theatre on the Downtown Las Cruces Mall.
  • Third Tuesday of each month, 7:30-9:30, Palacio's Bar (The Patio), Avenida de Mesilla, Mesilla, NM

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