Friday, July 23, 2010

Sat July 24, Hip Hop @ The Launchpad

Idris Goodwin, 2bers, Broken Bread Winner, Zack Freeman, Hakim Bellamy, Carlos Contreras & Diles at the Launchpad Saturday July 24. Come see a revolution in Hip Hop, Poetry, Live Music and all things "F-R-E-S-H, Fresh, Fresh, that's Fresh." 

Self-labeled "Mid West, South West, American Rapper" on his previous EP, IDRIS GOODWIN is an acclaimed writer, National Endowment of the Arts grant recipient and HBO Def Poet. His Hip Hop melds honesty, humility, hilarity and hungry emcee's emcee, much of Goodwin's recently released Break Beat Poems CD was produced and created in Santa Fe, NM.
Also on the bill, are local Hip Hop genre-benders, 
THE 2BERS, and Raps, Rock, Reggae misfits BROKEN BREAD WINNER. Albuquerque' s own Bobbie McFerrin of Hip Hop, ZACK FREEMAN will be part of the show and rounding out the program are the visionaries of the upcoming multi-media theatrical performance Urban Verbs: Hip Hop Conservatory & Theater. Both, 2-time National Champions in the Poetry Slam Community, performance poets and musicians, HAKIM BELLAMY and CARLOS CONTRERAS...along with their creative mastermind on production, DILES. This will be the most ecclectic and eccentric Hip Hop show in Albuquerque thus far, this year. You don't want to miss it, invite all of your friends, parents and grandparents who say they don't like "rap music", this is the kind of show that will change their minds. The kind of show that makes people go, "Was that rap? It didn't sound like rap."
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