Sunday, May 2, 2010

Reading for the Santa Fe River

Join us Wednesday, May 12th, 5-7 PM at the Santa Fe Community Gallery for a reading of poetry, prose, and historical writing about the Santa Fe River featuring contributors to the forthcoming collection

The Return of the River: Writers, Scholars, and Citizens Speak on Behalf of the Santa Fe River. (Sunstone Press, 2010.)

The Santa Fe Community Gallery is at Southeast corner of the Convention Center building, 201 W. Marcy

People protect only what they love and they love only what they know. For too long the Santa Fe River has existed almost invisibly within the busy city that it nourishes—and it has been neglected and ignored. Now comes a group of activists, community elders, historians, and poets who, by joining their testimonies in this heartfelt volume, aim to restore the river to visibility and to its centuries-old identity. The Return of the River will delight and amuse you, and through it you will come to know the Santa Fe River.

–William deBuys

This reading is a part of a group visual arts show sponsored by the SF Arts Commission and the Santa Fe Watershed. Meander: Works inspired by the Santa Fe River will be showing until June 6th. For more information on the exhibit and related events, visit

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