Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Got Gulf Oil? Call for Submissions

Poets for Living Waters is a poetry action in response to the Gulf Oil Disaster of April 20, 2010, one of the most profound man-made ecological catastrophes in history. Former US poet laureate Robert Pinsky describes the popularity of poetry after 9/11 as a turn away from the disaster's overwhelming enormity to a more manageable individual scale. As we confront the magnitude of this recent tragedy, such a return may well aid us.
The first law of ecology states that everything is connected to everything else.  An appreciation of this systemic connectivity suggests a wide range of poetry will offer a meaningful response to the current crisis, including work that harkens back to Hurricane Katrina and the ongoing regional effects. 
This online periodical, Poets for Living Waters, is the first in a planned series of actions.  Further actions will include a print anthology and a public reading in Washington DC. To submit work for consideration, e-mail 1-3 poems, a short bio, and credits for any previously published submissions to poetsforlivingwaters@yahoo.com 
Editors: Amy King & Heidi Lynn Staples

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