Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Swindle / Discover, Share and Publish Poems Online

Welcome to Swindle, a community for discovering and sharing contemporary poetry. Poems get into Swindle in one of two ways — through our automated feed crawler (which scrapes new poems from publications such as The New Yorker, Poetry Magazine, and Rattle), and through submissions from Swindle users.

To take full advantage of Swindle, you'll want to sign up for a free user account, which will allow you to save and promote your favorite poems, as well as submit poems you find around the web.

If you'd like to add your publication to our automatic feed crawler, send a link to The site must produce a valid RSS feed that includes publication dates for all items before it can be include

More about SwindlePo

Should I add the Plog? Whether or not I submit the RSS feed, we (plural this time, please note), should submits poems from Picnic readers past and present....

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