Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Moonbathing at Miriam's Well

from Miriam Sagan's blog, Miriam's Well: "New and Noted: Moonbathing: A Journal of Women's Tanka."


Moonbathing sketch, Stephanie Law

on Shadowscapes' Midnight Ramblings

Physically small and aesthetically large, the premier issue of Moonbathingazelton's tanka: is out. I'm always drawn to the elegiac and here is Marilyn H

sending my son's
death certificate
to his creditors
leaves rain down
after the storm

Here is one, all too familiar to New Mexicans as we've experienced drought and forest fire, from Tracy Royce:

another hot
dry year
all that falls
from the sky

And one that has poignancy I think many women can relate to, by Terry Ann Carter:

another trip
to the second hand shop
I try not to love
the things
my mother loved

Subscriptions: $10 for one year (2 issues) Pamela A. Babusci, 150 Milford St. Apt 13, Rochester, NY 14615

Submissions: moongate@gmail.com
Send 5 tanka max, deadline May 1. In body of e-mail, no attachments.

Ed note: Sadly, Moonbathing has NO web presences, so no links to a site despite many references on other sites. Do we approve of this digital deficit? But of course we don't ~ just not enough to prevent us from finding a Moonbathing information link with more details 

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