Thursday, April 16, 2009

NPM Going Global

A National Poetry Month selection emphasizing the international, from About Poetry...

Explore haiku, hip hop, sonnets, ghazals, epics, limericks — all kinds of poets and poetry from around the world.


Poets of the Middle Eastern World

Mahmoud Darwish, Palestinian Poet of Loss and Exile, 1942-2008: “Palestinian poet, essayist and political activist whose voice was among the most powerful and resonant in late 20th century Arab literature. He spoke for two generations of Palestinians mostly abandoned by the Arab world, oppressed and infantilized by Israel, and betrayed by their own array of corrupt and self-serving Palestinian leaders.”

Poetry connecting civilizations in conflict — Coleman Barks honored by Iran for his translations of Rumi

American Bards

Allen Ginsberg There is no doubt who was the American Bard for the end of the 20th century: Allen Ginsberg was a mountain of possibility, growing tree of life, beyond-laser zap for poetry expansion and integration into the life of the citizenry. His American Sentences are a unique modern variation on the ancient Japanese form of haiku.

Walt Whitman — The quintessential American bard of liberation

Poetry in the Common Language

Australian Rhyming Slang how to decipher the rhyming slang you might hear Down Under at “the Rubbity-Dub” (pub).

Limericks — another traditional form of poem commonly found in the pub

Keep on going global -

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