Monday, December 1, 2008

H-New Mexico Book Reviews

Sometimes I forget but the plog is not just about poetry and poets - it's the poets and writers picnic blog (but I'm not going to come up with another name). So here's a writing / (cv-able) online publishing opportunity from Tomas Jaehn, H-NewMexico Editor. If you are interested in writing reviews, you will have to join the H-NewMexico Discussion Network at

After having gone through the certification process for Book Review Editors, I am now also H-NewMexico's Book Review Editor. This will allow me to request and post book reviews pertaining to New Mexico on H-Net. The H-Net system for reviews is rather tightly structured and reviews have to go through (me and) the H-Net review software/database system.

I might ask individual list members to consider reviewing a book, exhibit, film, etc. for our list. If some of you are interested in writing reviews for H-NewMexico, please let me know off-line and indicate what subjects/topics/format/etc. you might prefer.

Thanks, and I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.
Best wishes, Tomas Jaehn,
H-NewMexico Editor

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