Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Poetry International poem of the week

from 'THE DOGS', no. 8

Words like coffee, sun and car
don't wear as easily in use
as beauty, restlessness and sleep.

Under the influence of coffee and sleep
in the presence of thoughts washed ashore from the night
the city attains the necessary depth.

Just by looking through the window
without giving heed to the sun, to the gleam
that marks the car owner's face

I can see the gravity and tragedy
of every trip to the newsagent's, to the baker's
of the shaking of hands

a farewell that sends one person into an office block
and the other walking off to one side
which makes this morning worse

worse as in further away from what I've written
further as in finished speaking
and in need of the first glass of wine.

© 2007, Jan Baeke, © Translation: 2008, Willem Groenewegen

Poem of the Week: Poetry International, Netherlands, Jan Baeke page

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