Thursday, October 2, 2008

Poetry at Paul's, Saturday Oct. 11


Poetics and Music

Dale Harris, Ingrid Burg, Miriam Sagan

Come & enjoy their lyric, mythic,
often comedic, sometimes prophetic offerings!


in beautiful
Chupadero, New Mexico
outside of Santa Fe, just north of Tesuque
(see detailed directions below)
Potluck, open mic, featured readers
Saturday, Oct. 11, 2008
4:30 pm to 'when the cows come home!'
Potluck at 4:30, Open mic at 5:30,

Performances at 6:30 pm


master flute maker and musician whose life work is the creation of bamboo flutes. Ingrid personally chooses the bamboo for every flute she creates, tuning and embellishing each one with skill and care. She teaches the ancient art of bamboo flute making to her son Avi Burg and a fortunate few apprentices. Ingrid sells her Flutes For The Journey at craft shows and sound healing conferences throughout the United States and Europe. "I love to find the right flutes for my clients and the best tone for each audience." Ingrid performs at a variety of venues and is part of the Arts in Medicine Program at the University of New Mexico, where she plays for emotionally disturbed children, adolescents, and medically fragile adults. For more information about her flutes and recordings, visit her website

Colorado native and longtime resident of Miami, Florida who has made her home in Central New Mexico since 1993. She organizes the annual Sunflower Festival Poets & Writers Picnic and Sunflower Poetry Workshop at the historic Shaffer Hotel in Mountainair, NM. Former editor of CENTRAL AVENUE monthly poetry journal and open mic reading series, she produced annual poetry variety shows at the Harwood Art Center in support of National Poetry Month from 2002 to 2007. She enjoys performing at regional arts festivals in New Mexico and Colorado. Dale's poems are anthologized in the newly released LOOKING BACK TO PLACE (Old School Press). Her poetry & music CD's are available on the internet at CD Baby and a number of digital distribution sites.
author of twenty books, including the recent MAP OF THE LOST (University of New Mexico Press) and a book of essays, GOSSIP, (Tres Chicas Books). She founded and directs the creative writing program at Santa Fe Community College. She has been an artist in residence at Everglades National Park, Petrified Forest National Park, and The Land/An Art Site in Mountainair, New Mexico. She edits the e-zine Santa Fe Poetry Broadside ( which has published hundreds of poems from New Mexico and beyond. She lives with her husband Rich in Santa Fe.

Directions to Paul's from Santa Fe

Fastest/Easiest route from Santa Fe:
Head north on Highway 285 (St. Francis drive turns into route 285 after last stop light in Santa Fe). Aproximately 8 miles north of the last stop light in Santa Fe take the #172 exit which says "Tesuque South CR73" (don't take the first Tesuque exit #169 which says "Tesuque North CR73", this takes you past the Tesuque Village Market, those directions below) -the exit immediately before #172 is the Flea Market Road exit. Take extremely sharp right at bottom of ramp, go 3/10 mile then left on Route 592
**Follow twists and turns on route 592 for four and one half miles (note; at 3 1/2 miles there is a stop sign, do not go straight on the dirt road at this juncture, 592 continues to left). When you have gone 4 1/2 miles (4.5 miles) on Route 592, you'll have the choice of going straight to Rio en Medio or left to Chupadero, turn left at the street sign "Camino Chupadero" (also known as County Road 78), go nine tenths mile (0.9 mile), there is an old plank wood fence on left (not a coyote fence), then four white mailboxes at end of fence marked 92ABC (note; there is a big metal electric pole on right side of road across from driveway, new plank wood fence on left is too far, dead end is way too far) slow down, the driveway is hidden. Go left immediately after the mailboxes down paved driveway, take a sharp right at bottom to dirt driveway.
Arrival via Tesuque Village Market:
Take the first Tesuque exit #169 which says "Tesuque North CR73", this takes you past the Tesuque Village Market. Go about 2.5 miles (halfway is the Tesuque Village Market, go straight past it). Turn right on route 592.

(see ** above for further directions)

For the more scenic (longer) drive:
This is a beautiful drive but definitely takes longer. Don't take the freeway at all. Head north on Bishops Lodge road out of Santa Fe (starts at the big pink Scottish Rite Temple, quickly passes Fort Marcy and Bishop's Lodge and eventually converges with 73 North. Bear right/north onto Route 73 (at El Nido Restaurant) after you pass the back of the Tesuque Village Market - on your left). urn right on route 592. (see ** above for further directions)

Phone for Paul: 505-988-1082

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