Monday, September 8, 2008

The Page - Poetry, essays, ideas

The Page: linked review excerpts, poetry, essays, language, ideas. No not Mark Halperin's political commentary site by the same name. The main (center) column of this Page contains nothing but two-line excerpts from reviews of poetry, with links filling right and left static sidebars.

New Literary Art Form Discovered! "In praise of the praise of poetry" (Ron Rosenblum, Slate) took me there, which may make this recounting out of order.

On the home page of The Page, there are about a hundred two-line entries, each linked to a longer review.

But if you forget about the review they link to and just read each two-liner as a kind of haiku, you can apprehend each as a beautifully distilled "object, self-created."

So many are so well-written! Almost all of them! They undertook what Eliot called the task of poetry, a "raid on the inarticulate," and came back with pure gold

Twitters of poetic genius—

Just in the mailbox: Poetry Daily Newsletter for September 8 (but available online); Lunarosity announces appearance of September issue. and calls for submissions to winter issues (guidelines online)

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