Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Something decidedly different in the poetry line... and appropriate. The Freakonomics blog @ NYT recently asked readers for economic haikus. Responded enthusiastically, with more than 300 separate entries.

No. 1

Demand curve slopes down
Because the more cake I eat,
The less cake I want.

No. 2

A friend and I, jailed;
We agreed to stay silent
(But I still confessed).

No. 3

No matter how hard
I shake my money maker,
It is not enough.

No. 4

Sales of ice cream seem
To correlate with crime rate?
Simply summer heat.

No. 5

Can we work it out
If there aren’t transaction costs?
But of Coase we can.

No. 6

Haiku writers know
The opportunity cost
Of a syllable.

And the New Six-Word Motto for the U.S. Is …

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