Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Submission Calendar for grants and awards

Poets & Writers Magazine: grants and awards submission rcalendar, September-December 2008, 40 count 'em 40.

NFSPS poetry contests for 2009 & 2008 winners (NFSPS = National Federation of State Poetry Societies).

The current issue of the About Poetry newsletter features two bookend, articles on the topic, one cautionary and the other encouraging
Perhaps the subtext is enter but practice safe submission. Apply common sense. An earlier, related article: A Word to the Wise: On Entering Your Poems in Competition

Columnist Dave Barry spoofing a scam competition and The Freemont Poetry Project
On July 13, 2003, Dave Barry invited readers of his blog to submit poems to Poetry.Com, using the first name of "Freemont," and incorporating the line "The dog ate mother's toes." By the end of the week, hundreds of such poems had been posted to the site.
Needless to say, all this - positive and negative - is undiscovered country for me. The plus: fresh perspective, no agendas, biases, or grindable axes. The negative: I bring no experience to the table. From a horse show / academic conference perspective, probably not as different from them as one might imagine. Still, I can use all the collaboration I can persuade you, chers lecteurs, to offer.

So if you have competitions to recommend or review, reflections or impressions, please use the comment form to share them. Plans are afoot for the NM State Poetry Society to put a comprehensive event calendar online. Until then, I'll try to post what comes my way but not that I'll hunt it down like a dog.

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