Monday, August 4, 2008

Introducing: Merimee Moffit

Merimee Moffit promises a link leading us to text delights, but in the meantime offers this tantalizing bit of bio...

My only ambitions as a child, teen, and young adult were to be a saint (1st), a beatnik (2nd), and educated (3rd). I've accomplished all but the first one though teaching eight years in APS eighth grade classes may have been a qualifier for 1st. I'm published in Oasis Journal 05 &06, American Open Mic II, The Fourth Genre, Earthships Anthology, the upcoming Harwood Anthology, and our local Rag (thx to Carol Lewis--mentor extrordinair). I have four kids, almost four grandkids (the 4th almost here), and a patient and wise husband. I'm working on a finished memoir of my wild years. I was named after Prosper Merimée, French short story writer and historian.

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