Friday, June 20, 2014

ABQ #Poet @ZacharyKluckman needs your love…vote too

…and writes, Hola friends,
I find myself in a strange sorta place today, lol…an exciting and nerve-wracking one to be sure, lol. This year I was nominated for TWO National Poetry Awards (sort of the Grammy's for poets) ~ for Slam Artist of the Year and Slam Organizer of the Year ~ needless to say, I am beyond honored to be recognized with the nominations. I like to think this is a testament not only to hard work and a passion for poetry, but also a testament to the influence and creativity of New Mexico's poets and organizers who have challenged and inspired me daily.
Now, I would like to humbly ask for your support ~ as silly as I feel asking, this is the process, so will you please vote for me?

2014 National Poetry Awards
National Poetry Awards - NPAs is the foundation for poetry communities across America. The NPAs award and recognize poets and spoken word artists for their talents ...
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There are only four of us in each category and I would truly love to go out to the National Awards ceremony this year and accept these awards on behalf of all of us in New Mexico who are working to keep the oral tradition alive and shine a little light on the experience of living and creating.
It only takes a couple of seconds but it would mean the world to me. Poetry has been my passion since I was a child, so this is a moment I'll never forget either way. I want you to know your love and support all these years has been, and remains, cherished.
Respectfully, Zach

Zachary Kluckman
Spoken Word Editor, The Pedestal Magazine
Author, Animals in Our Flesh and Some of it is Muscle

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