Thursday, August 1, 2013

Time for an August @Broadsided Collaboration

at the Picnic, right here on the blog & Facebook page… is where you will find the electronic #Mountainair vector. All too often, I postpone and forget. Tamra Hays is IRL when in town (and if she still vectorizes). But any number can, so

Go forth and Vectorize!

August Collaboration, "Where bushes periodically burn, children fear other children: girls" poem by Camille Dungy, art by Caleb Brown
Dear Vectors and Friends of Broadsided,

WANTED: photos of you posting Broadsided Press publications in your town. Yes, we want to see it! This fall, we're putting together an exhibit of Broadsided that we hope will become a traveling show. Our plan is to put up rough "street-style" prints of Broadsided Press publications alongside nicely printed and framed glossy photographs of those very collaborations up in the world. We need your help! Send usyour cool/funky/high-rez images,  

Photos with people in them are our favorites. You can get inspiration here: your summer travels take you to Cape Cod, visit the Broadsided OutPost at AMP Gallery in Provincetown. A notice board for art and a place to respond to whatever moves you.

Happy Summer! The Broadsided Editorial Team, August 1, 2013 Collaboration 

"Where bushes periodically burn, children fear other children: girls"
Poem by Camille Dungy and art by Caleb Brown

Collaborators' Q&A
Artist Caleb Brown: ...the natural science of the piece attracted me, it was an excuse to hike into the local woods and do some drawing of real brush and trees, then to drive into the city with one of my sons and draw bugs in a museum. 

Writer Camille Dungy: I love the way the hillside grows out of the boy's back. It's true that I think of us as children who grow out of the land, but this imagination has that reversed. The land grows out of the child.

—Visit to get the full broadsides and read the writers' and artists' full responses.

Our newest Vectors are in Cullowhee, North Carolina and Swansea, Massachusetts. Are you printing and posting Broadsided? Then you're a Vector. Email us at to tell us where. The vector map is filling out!

Caution! You might be deeply moved or challenged by this poem, 'The Invisible Line,' from our DIY project of 2012. Send us your pictures from Vectorhood

We need your help! You're already reading and sharing Broadsided, which is critical to getting literature and art on the streets. But consider a donation. This fall we are planning on an exhibition of Broadsided collaborations alongside images from Vectors of those pubications up in the world. Your contribution AND your photos would go a long way to showing off the great work many of you have done.

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