Friday, March 1, 2013

One Night Only Poetry, Mar2

…featuring 2 poets from Maine, local voices & #OpenMic. No doubt the bottomless mailbox & feed reader will turn up more for the weekend. Whether announcements go to blog or pass & head straight to Facebook is less editorial than timing, convenience or random chance. Zach Kluckman writes, 

Hola folks! I hope you all are well and dancing well in your portion of light! Just wanted to let you know about a unique event tomorrow night~ featuring 2 touring poets from Maine, an open mic, performances from a few local voices all for One Night Only! The event is tomorrow (Saturday night, March 2) from 7 to 9 pm at the Source (1111 Carlisle Blvd, at the corner of Carlisle & Anderson...3 blocks north of Gibson). We'll be in the Garden Room in the courtyard! 

2 nationally renowned spoken word artists are dropping in from Maine for a very rare appearance in the 505! Wil Gibson, three time Portland, Maine/Port Veritas Grand Slam Champion and 2010 New Hampshire/Slam Free or Die Grand Slam Champion will be headlining alongside Beau Williams, author of two collections of poetry.

Joining them for this one night only event will be a slew of local poetry faves, including Matthew Brown, Emily Bjustrom, Zachary Kluckman, Rich Boucher, David Maile, Jude Marx and Anna Marti
nez -PLUS there is an open mic for those with something to share!, so it will be a great night for poets and poetry lovers to celebrate the art and power of the word!

Admission is a suggested donation of $5 and everyone is welcome to this all ages show!

More about ...

Wil Gibson was born the bastard son of a good idea and a bottle of Apple Pucker and raised in some of the poorest communities northern Illinois and eastern Arkansas have to offer. He now lives in Portland, Maine, and writes too many love poems sometimes. He has shared stages with Regie Gibson, my brightest diamond, Kurtis Blow, and Patricia Smith. He loves people and dogs a lot, and would like to pet your dog and talk to you for a few minutes... 
Beau Williams has performed in coffee shops, bars, colleges, house parties and high schools across the country alongside the touring group Uncomfortable Laughter consisting of Kait Rokowski, Wil Gibson and Ryan McLellan. Beau has a full length poetry album called "Decide Your Worth", two collections of poetry and his full length publication of poems "Learning to Lick the Bear Trap Clean" debuted in 2011. He graduated from McIntosh College in 2008. He has perfected both giving and receiving hugs and wants to help you edit your poems.
Hope to see all of you there!  Zach KluckmanAcademic Coordinator, Southwest Organizing ProjectSpoken Word Editor, Pedestal MagazineAuthor, Animals in Our Flesh 

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