Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Mexico Film Festival

  …at #UNM_VC in Tomé, Fri Feb 8 (Free admission to all). Featuring Classic and Innovative NM Movies, and John Nichols! HT to #ABQSlams & Bill Nevins.  

Final Schedule for Feb 8 2013 New Mexico Film Festival at UNM Valencia Campus, Tome. SCC Student Community Center. Admission free to all

9 am-9:05 am Opening Remarks: Dean Sax.

9:05 am: film "Indian Day School"(2 min) made by Thomas Edison 1898

9:10 am film Milagro Beanfield War (1 hour 58 min) directed by Robert Redford 1988 based on novel of same name by John Nichols.

11:10 am film The Milagro Man (77 min, link to trailer) directed by Kurt Jacobsen 2012 (NM premiere of the finished film) about the life of author/screen writer John Nichols of Taos, NM. The Milagro Man explores the colorful literary career, screenwriting escapades and social activism of John T. Nichols.

12:30 pm-1:30 pm  in SCC:  Panel Discussion on "Film and New Mexico" featuring:
...John Nichols (special honored guest); Steven Gould, Albuquerque author, whose book became the movie Jumper; Ann Lerner, director, Albuquerque City Film Office; Jay Torrez, Tome-NM born and based stuntman-actor-SAG member who has worked in Sons of Anarchy and many features shot in NM and Hollywood; Kimberly Salicos, UNM VC student who is working in the NM film industry; Prof. Richard Meltzer, UNM VC faculty on NM History and Film; (tentative) David Lindblom, NM film maker, editor of "Road Kings"; Michael Miller, NM actor and film maker Photographer/ Videographer/ Producer/ Director/ Actor and Coach at 9 Point Productions; Jonathan Sims UNM VC faculty
1:30 pm-2 pm Book Signing with John Nichols, Levi Romero and other authors.

More screenings:

2 pm-2 :30  pm with Q and AGoing Home Homeless and Acequia Poem ( total15 minutes) films by NM Centennial Poet Levi Romero and Daniel Sonis.

2:30-4 pm film "Easy Rider" (95 min) 1969 directed by Dennis Hopper. Classic "road movie" shot largely in New Mexico.

4 pm—5:30 pm "Road Kings" 2004. (90 min) Edited by David Lindblom. An updated 21st Century tribute "version" of the classic 1960s New Mexico film Easy Rider (excerpts from which will also be screened). David Lindblom will attend the screening for Q & A. (Lions Gate Films may also send a representative.)
 Room A 133 ADDITIONAL SCREENINGS  with Q and A by film makers9 30 am--noon

9:30 am to 10 am  Original short documentary films by UNM VC faculty member Jonathan Sims: 
Rugged Guy 10min. Dir. Jason Asenap (comanche) DP Jonathan Sims (Acoma): A lost writer seeks out his mentor only to find out he's not everything he hoped for...  
Written in Rock- 17min Doc. Dir - Jonathan Sims DP jonathan sims. Follows the journey of discovery by New Mexican Pueblo people and students from Azerbaijan during the Smithsonian Institute's Office of Policy and Initiatives Cultural exchange program... 12 people from two different cultures finding common ground, studying cultural resource management of petroglyph and rock art sites.
10 am to 10: 15 Good Luck Mr. Gorski, 2012 16 minutes. Slyly comic New Mexico made satire about an Astronaut and the power of love. Written by Allegra Huston of Taos. Director Arron Shiver10:15 to 10:30 am  short film by Catherine Fridey titled All in a Day's Work  shot in Albuquerque

10: 30 to 11:30 am Generation Red Nation—documentary film by Albuquerque film maker Olga Valanos

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