Friday, January 11, 2013

Broadsided: Hot off the Virtual Presses

…a bit late but still good for January. My own broadsiding is as virtual as their presses…but I encourage any one who can and will to go out and do…post poems por todas partes. 

Broadsided: Putting Literature and Art on the Streets - Vectorize Your Town!

Broadsided: Hot off the Virtual Presses

Dear Vectors and Friends of Broadsided, 
Happy New Year! We're so thrilled to be entering our eighth full year of publication. We've got some tricks up our sleeves, and a recent discussion with Vectors has inspired some deep thought about how we will proceed in the future. Our hopes for you are that your year is full of art, life, community and surprise. Our hopes for Broadsided? Oh, so many. Mostly, that we hear from you. Tell us if you post. Snap a picture with your phone and send it to us ( Let us know if a collaboration really wows you -- one of our favorite things to do is share that kind of news with the artists and writers who created it.
The Broadsided Editorial Team

"The 2012 Haiku Year-in-Review" 

Poems by Matthew Caretti, Sarah Martinez-Helfman, Renee Lacroix, Cynthia Gallaher. Art by Lochlann Jain, Cheryl Gross, Sarah Van Sanden

To celebrate, examine, and honor the coming of 2013, we invited you to send us your haiku based on events in 2012. We wanted to examine 2012 in the spirit of the Carrier's Address, an early-American newspaper tradition, and to harness the seasonal and imagistic power of the haiku.  Visitors decided which poems are published here by voting on poem/art combos posted on the website. Thank you for being part of this annual, odd tradition!

Collaborators' Q&A:
Most big moments, both mourned and celebrated, have to do with transitions. In this case, all four art/haiku topics reflect a transition from one state to another. Whether we're talking about a species or a political movement, the economy or the environment, the conversation is about our role in these changes and whether we are engaging with compassion and accountability.
... Read more of what the writers and artists had to say about their Broadsided experience: visit Broadsided press to get the full broadside.

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