Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fixed & Free Anthology 2011 Available at January 26 Reading

Billy Brown writes, 
I am VERY pleased to report that the Fixed and Free Poetry Anthology 2011 is now a reality ... today I approved the proofs and ordered a bunch of copies to be available for sale at the January 26 Fixed and Free reading!

The list price for the anthology is $15.00. The book has a beautiful design, created by Stewart Warren, and contains 79 poems by 79 Fixed and Free poets -- poets who all have read at one or more Fixed and Free readings since Fixed and Free began more than three years ago.
We included a poem by every Fixed and Free poet who submitted their poetry for the anthology. I am very grateful to Greg Candela and Elaine Schwartz for their excellent and indispensable work choosing which poems are included. (I helped mostly in cases of ties ... :-)
I am confident that everyone will be very pleased with this volume, and that the Fixed and Free community will be proud to be represented by the poems contained in it. All of the beyond-cost proceeds from the sale of copies of this anthology will be used to support the Fixed and Free community activities: to pay for our monthly venue and to pay our featured poets. 

Therefore I encourage each member of the Fixed and Free poetry community to purchase a copy for her/his own use and perhaps additional copies as gifts. Here is the plan for sales/distribution of our anthology within our community:
  1.  One free copy will go to each of the four members of the anthology editorial/publication team: Billy Brown, Greg Candela, Elaine Schwartz, and Stewart Warren
  2. One copy at a discount price of $ 10 will be available to each poet with a poem in the anthology, and to each of the poets who "blurbed" the book (wrote a "blurb" for the back cover or 2-3 pages inside the front cover).
  3. All other copies will be sold at the list price of $ 15.
People can purchase the anthology at all future Fixed and Free monthly readings,
and for a limited time, can obtain copies from me at my home (you just need to arrange a pick up time with me by calling 401-8139). I plan to schedule a release party & reading for the anthology in the near future. Stay tuned for an announcement.
Other plans for sharing our anthology in the wider Albuquerque and New Mexico communities will be formulated and carried out by a team which I hope to form in the next couple of weeks. If you are interested in working with me on this team, please let me know ASAP, by emailing me at, and including your phone number.
I shall contact those who will serve on this team soon to begin our planning process.
I am very excited by the quality of the design of this anthology, and I am very inspired by the excellent poetry therein.
As I said in my Introduction:
"I am grateful to all the poets who have read at Fixed and Free. My life is enriched by your poetry.  I trust that this collection honors you, represents your talents to the wider poetry world and strengthens our Fixed and Free community."
I'll see many of you at the Fixed and Free reading on Thursday, January 26, with plenty of books in hand ... :-)  We shall not have featured poets, but rather take that time to distribute and discuss the book!
Yours for powerful poetry, Billy Brown,401-8139

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