Saturday, February 5, 2011

Brainstorming a Poetry Festival

Sal Treppiedi announces BIG NEWS FOR THE NEW MEXICO POETRY SCENE and invites you to join a Community Brainstorming Session at the Harwood Art Center, Wednesday February 9, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

"Brainstorming what?" you ask. Beginning in 2012, in conjunction with Albuquerque's New Mexico Centennial celebration, the Duke City will host the first annual Dylan Thomas Poetry Festival! – at least, if area poets and poetry enthusiasts have their way it will….. 
NM  Centennial
This is your invitation to help us make the festival a reality by coming out and attending a community brain-storming/planning session. Several local artists have come together to create a vision and now we're asking the community to join us in creating a poetry festival to celebrate the literary traditions and artistic heritage of our beautiful New Mexico! 

Every year New Jersey's Dodge Poetry Festival brings hundreds and hundreds of poets and fans together for several days and sends dozens of poets into area high schools to work with teens. The AWP (
Association of Writers & Writing Programs) conference hosts an annual book fair, panels, workshops and parties – drawing from the very best literary voices in the world. Our proposed festival seeks to draw from the best elements of both concepts…and more. 

We already have several very significant names on the table and in conversation for this festival, and have begun groundwork on a rough schedule. What we're asking you to do is come by and contribute your thoughts and ideas – this is an event for our community and we hope to have potential volunteers, venues, politicians and organizers come together to discuss the economic, artistic and community enhancement potential for this event.

Please join us for a dialogue on Wednesday night, February 9th, at the Harwood Arts Center. Bring your ideas, creative energy and a smile!

The time for Albuquerque to expand it's already expansive reputation for enduring artistic quality and unique voices is here!

Look forward to seeing you there!

Sal Treppiedi ~ VE=NT Founder
Zachary Kluckman ~ ABQ Slam Poet Laureate Program Director, Verse~Converse Poetry Festival Coordinator

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