Monday, January 10, 2011

Local Writers: monthly writing group meeting

.. Manzano Mountain Scribes meet tomorrow, 9:30am, Alpine Alley in #Mountainair. This time though, we will meet out front rather than in back. On the winter schedule. monthly meetings are the second Tuesday of the month. As you see below, group discussion continues between meetings by email. If you would like to join the writing group but live too far away or your work schedule interferes, don't let that stop you from joining the Scribes and participating online.

Today, January 10, Ben wrote,

As I wrote yesterday I feel one of the best parts of this group can be what we share on the internet.  There are a couple I have included in the group who can't attend meetings because of their work schedules or where they live.  With us sharing our thoughts they can grow as writers as the rest of us are.  In saying this, please give out our e-mail  addresses (or mine) to those you know that might be interested in improving their skills.  I would also like to add that if you have any questions, please make them known via e-mail and at the meetings.  If possible they can be talked about the day you bring them up or a meeting can be set aside.

January 5 Ben wrote,

With "Christmas Land," over (other than tying up a few lose ends), I find myself thinking about our upcoming meeting.  Though I have read some of the stories written on Bob and his eggs I haven't responded to most of them as I should have.  I think it might be as good if if we do some of that at the meeting.  I am also sending all of you something to look over and would appreciate it if we were to discuss it.  I would also like to add the reminder that discussion can done by email over the Internet and probably appreciated if some of it is.

Keep in mind our group is made up of those who wish they had all the answers and those who think they don't know anything. The only way we can solve problems is through discussion where we can all learn something. 

See you next Tuesday, (January 10)

Dixie Boyle reported on the December MM Scribes meeting

The Manzano Mountain Scribes met at the Alpine Alley Coffee Shop in Mountainair on Tuesday, December 14 for breakfast and discussion.  Those in attendance were Ben Steinlage, Dixie Boyle, Judy Bigger, Biddie McMath and William Dawson. The group had a lively talk on the writing of poetry, historical fiction and children's stories. Further discussion included topics on writing opportunities and the use of grammar as a tool. A few volunteers read their poetry and prose for critique and discussion. 

Ben Steinlage would like the group to continue writing on the prompt, "Bob had Trouble with Eggs," expanding the original 300 word assignment, and email him their drafts before the next meeting. Steinlage pointed out how different the writing styles are within the group.

The writers group decided to continue meeting on the second Tuesday morning of the month at 9:30 in the back room at the Alpine Alley Coffee Shop. Volunteers are encouraged to present their own writing or a discussion on opportunities in the writing field that have been beneficial for them. If anyone is interested in making a 15-20 minute presentation on a writing topic or experience please contact Dixie Boyle at   Members of the group are encouraged to continue networking, critiquing and helping one another online with writing projects, submissions and ideas. 

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