Monday, October 26, 2009

How to quote Louis Zukofsky, how not to revive Dracula, and more

Only one of the five is poetry entry unless you count book and magazines as visual poetry (an ongoing thread on Poetics list that I've been meaning to plog but that's another plost...). Consider Dracula a seasonal entry.

• Unintended consequences of extended copyright terms, no 2,778: this open letter from Paul Zukofsky, violinist and son of poet. Do you think there's a club for eccentric, scholar-tormenting descendents of modernists?

• The campus novel, but not as David Lodge would write it: "Work means the university, and if you thought that 'electrifying scenes of campus politics' was an oxymoron, then you need to read Stoner."

That Dracula sequel apparently makes Dracula the hero, and seems unlikely to be more entertaining than this review of it.

• Some magazine covers are more interesting together.

• White book covers cease to be white in a variety of beautiful ways.

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