Thursday, June 25, 2009

guide for the perplexed

There is THE Guide for the Perplexed, by Maimonides (12th c, philosophical tract in epistolary format), and also a 2001 novel A Guide for the Perplexed, science fiction by Gilad Atzmon. That's a lot of perplexity - both in Hebrew to boot, although The Guide was originally written in Arabic.
page from a 14th century mss of the Guide

There's your factoid du jour. Back to picnic, workshop & plog: I rearranged sidebar element to put sections about picnic, workshop & purpose of plog closer to the top. The section on what the plog does between picnic is banished to the bottom of the sidebar until after the picnic.

What is the plog? See description on sidebar. Short version: it's a poetry blog in between picnics but also during if I feel like it and need the break. The plog supplements picnic and workshop, but more than just that, it's also my poetry blog. Not everything on it is about picnic or workshop. More during these next months. Less thereafter.

Features: check out the sidebar to the right for links (NM poets & poetry, sunflowers, Mountainair), archives of past posts (click arrow next to year or month for list of links to past posts), "poetry in the news" feature, subscription/bookmarking tools, and - at the bottom of the page - a video clip bar featuring "poetry writing."

Sidebar features are subject to change. Posts range from pwp/workshop updates to poems, annotated resource links, poetry sites, poetry related pieces , oddities (humor, poetry generators & anytime I can find it - the downright weird) and more. Expect to see Savage Chickens on a regular basis, Requests invited.

Comment feature: please use it for questions, corrections, additions, commentaries, reactions, poet/poetry requests & so on. Blogs are Web 2.0 - that means interactive, so interact already. Unless a matter of secrecy or confidential exchange, I'd rather you post in comments instead of emailing me privately. One comment could lead to answering the same question many times at one fell swoop.

Submissions: I am always happy to publish guest posts, poetry news, poems and relevant pictures. You already know editors edit and prune - ruthlessly if need be. Ready to post as sent or nearly so is always appreciated. So are links. Please no image files larger than 100 kbs, pdf files or docx files. No fancy formatting either - it rarely transfers well. I prefer rtf or even plain text files to .doc files because those are full of Microsoft junk code. Max simplicity: just copy/paste to or type it out in your email compose screen.

Expect me to reject attachments over 1 MB with request for resizing, reformatting or file conversion before re-submitting - and still grumble about attachments over 200 kbs. Needless to say, anything that requires file conversion, photo editing, reformatting or researching (often for links to embed) will take longer to process and publish.

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