Thursday, July 24, 2008

Introducing Maria L. Leyba

Maria L. Leyba is a native New Mexican who still resides in her childhood home. She lives in the barrio of Barelas. Family & her barrio are the inspiration for her poetry & literary works. She has been published in several anthologies, written several chapbooks & hosted many poetry venues.
40 Peace Doves
I dreamt of 40 peace doves
growing out of my brother's hands
a poor barrio boy
whose fingers glowed with peace
a human bird feeder
soothing collecting humanity's despair
breathing hope of salvation
into lives of our gente
I wake up to a symphony of birds
my mind glows with sweet memories
of my brother's borrowed peace
a boy who lost his life in Viet Nam
today on the eve of my birthday
my world is blooming with
his peace / hope.

I Don't Speak English
His barrel chest collapsed
holding his once
radiant hopeful heart
he the young warrior
returning from World War II
his hands still burning
from holding her tiny waist
twirling around the dance hall
in a dusty border town.
War buddies called him, "Chief"
now he was weak / his knees buckled
staring into her blue eyes
sparkling like stars
dreaming of waking up every day
stroking her soft blond curls
he wooed her with his best English
hoping it didn't sound too broken
when the final dance was over
nervously she told him
"Perdon, pero no hablo ingles."
I don't speak English
he didn't know she had
already fallen in love
with his jet black eyes / his
velvet bronze skin
dreaming of the brown children
she had always wanted.

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