Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mid-March Update on Picnic and Workshop

Dale reports -

Getting correspondence going about features for the Poets and Writers Picnic, August 23. So far a couple of yesses...
I'm asking her to teach at the workshop as well - she's been doing a writing project out at The Land and it would be perfect to take people out there for plein air writing that Friday afternoon and have her as the facilitator. Tom & Edit Cates are happy we want to come, saw them today and have their okay. Now waiting for a reply from Miriam and think there's a good chance she'll say yes.

We'll look more at the schedule for where to put your plogging tutorial - all will become clear I'm sure, it is still pretty early on.

Heard back from Miriam Sagan. She will guest teach a Friday afternoon plein air session. We'll drive out to The Land and spend a couple hours there. She has been doing a residency and we'll see her installation plus do some of our own writing. She's a gifted, up-beat teacher.

Another good piece of news for the PWP. Our dynamic duo of musicians, Bud and Jessica aka The Blue Rose Ramblers will be back. So pleased with how they performed last year. You could describe their music as Contemporary Cowboy. They are young, talented, nice people and fun to listen to.

Ed Note: so much for gettting Dale on as guest contributor for original posting to eliminate the middle (wo)man, e.g. me. I'm still working on it...

Also please note - the MMAC website is recently updated and now lists Sunflower Festival information (albeit nothing about us - but I sent a reminder, in hope of prompt redress. The March MMAC Newletter is also available online and in hard copy at Cibola Arts gallery (site unfortunately still woefully update-challenged) in Mountainair (just down from PO)

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