Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sunflower Lives!

Yes, Sunflower lives. Confirmed Feb 11 BoD meeting, not accompanied by details.

Tuscan Sunflowers

It and Poets and Writers Picnic will be Saturday August 23, 2008, I can return happily to collecting Sunflower oddities, literature, graphics, art, quilts, clothing, recipes, hats and whatever sunfloweriana catches my eye - all for my Sunflower pages

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A reliable source had informed me otherwise. A less reliable one copped a 'tude, denying angrily (or so it sounded - perhaps not intentionally). Apparently the 2007 arts council BoD voted to conflate, move and probably rename events. The BoD 2008 affirmed its independence by 2007 upside own, reversing decisions, including reinstating Sunflower. No one informed me. But I have heard complaints, couched in atrocious grammar to boot. The English teacher, writer and copy-editor in me cringed at that than content.

Are apologies in order? Possibly but not from me. Time to move on.

None of this has all that much to do with Poets & Writers Picnic, which has always been a free-standing event supported but not actually organized or put on by the arts council - none of the heavy lifting. Sunflower and PWP share date and Mountainair location (but not venue - the historic and splendid Shaffer Hotel garden and Gazebo for poets, the rest TBA).

PWP would have gone on without Sunflower, but we are happy not to have to.


Let Sunflowering and the Speaking of Words begin...

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